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Welcome educators and school staff!

You are welcome to browse some products below or get in touch right away so we can help get you started!

Would you like an online web store created for students and staff? No problem! We can collect the orders and money or just the orders and you can use your own Cashless platform.  We are here to make your job easier. View more details about online stores by scrolling down.

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1. Contact your rep with product selections along with product sizing, quantities and colours (we can help!)

2. Provide art for the project - rep can assist with vectorizing or art redraw if required

3. Proofs, pricing/quantities are sent to the school for approval 

4. Product moves into production after school gives approval

5. Invoice is sent upon completion - payment can be completed via card, cheque, or e-transfer

6. Product is delivered to the school (shipping is included)




1. The school can also submit orders directly through our company website - select a product and sizing/quantities first

2. Art is uploaded into the online designer

3. School would repeat this process for all products

4. Save order and select the $ to submit as a quote using your school email address for contact

5. We will modify pricing based on pricing structure that has been provided to the board 

6. We will send an email with confirmed order for payment





1. The Fresh Image Print rep can work directly with the school to create an online store to sell apparel directly to staff and students

2. The steps are the same as above except students and staff will order online from a custom store that will display their school specific products

3. All items are added to the customer cart and paid for through the online checkout process OR items can be added with no charge and the school can collect funds through their own cashless system (Fresh Image Print will invoice school once ordering is complete)

4. An ordering time period is established and the store closes by a certain date (you can re-open the store again for another sale period whenever you would like if needed)

5. Once the store closes we begin production of all the items

**Please note: if any products are on backorder we will notify the school and they can decide if they would like to use a similar substitute, wait for the new stock to come in, or be refunded



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